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09 June 2025 @ 06:04 pm
Annyeong haseyo!  

Fanfics are open to the public but personal entries are locked (and there is rarely any of those).
Just go ahead and add me if you want to be friends, kay?
I'll only add you back if I like your page or we have common interests.

So I guess I'll tell you a little more about me...

Well as you can see my name is Tasha and I'm 21.
I found K-Pop 3 years ago on Myspace when I randomly clicked on a Big Bang video.
I officially entered the fandom early 2010 when I discovered Beast.
I also like a bit of J-Pop, C-Pop, other foreign music and foreign dramas.

Outside of K-Pop I'm a pretty bland person really.
The only thing I am good at is writing, drawing and some graphics.
I'm sucked into the internet all the time and I am mostly on tumblr.
I don't have much of a social life, either, lol.
My favorite kind of music is everything. Hip Hop, Screamo, Indie rock, Country, you name it.
I am also a big fan of anime, manga, Supernatural, Harry Potter and Nickelodeon.

Told you I was bland. But that shouldn't stop you from talking to me.
I won't bite. :3

decodexxdecodexx on August 20th, 2010 02:23 am (UTC)
Your imagination is amazing. xD Love your ideas!
Oh really? I have an OC character too named Lulu, and she has long black hair and she dresses kind of like a punk rockstar...and her best friend is Angela and she's an athletic girl that loves basketball so she wears alot of loose stuff and is a tomboy, lol.
Those were the good old days.

Yes, more angst is cominggg, I love drama and angst and I need practice writing it anyways. :3 I think I might have it up tonight.

I think they did! I'm not too familiar with DNT. Did you ever hear of a group named SHU-I?

Jonghyun rolling through bad neighborhoods looking for hookers. xD
omg. That was really funny.