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09 June 2025 @ 06:04 pm
Annyeong haseyo!  

Fanfics are open to the public but personal entries are locked (and there is rarely any of those).
Just go ahead and add me if you want to be friends, kay?
I'll only add you back if I like your page or we have common interests.

So I guess I'll tell you a little more about me...

Well as you can see my name is Tasha and I'm 21.
I found K-Pop 3 years ago on Myspace when I randomly clicked on a Big Bang video.
I officially entered the fandom early 2010 when I discovered Beast.
I also like a bit of J-Pop, C-Pop, other foreign music and foreign dramas.

Outside of K-Pop I'm a pretty bland person really.
The only thing I am good at is writing, drawing and some graphics.
I'm sucked into the internet all the time and I am mostly on tumblr.
I don't have much of a social life, either, lol.
My favorite kind of music is everything. Hip Hop, Screamo, Indie rock, Country, you name it.
I am also a big fan of anime, manga, Supernatural, Harry Potter and Nickelodeon.

Told you I was bland. But that shouldn't stop you from talking to me.
I won't bite. :3

Noelle: Taeminnn~ <3wishiwuzkagome on August 1st, 2010 11:04 pm (UTC)
I.. honestly don't remember what my first SHINee song was, but I liked them from the beginning. The first I ever heard of SHINee was back when imeem was still around, and someone had the entire SHINee World album as a playlist. The songs that I liked most were Replay and Romantic. I agree. Amigo repackaged is definitely their best album, though I do like Lucifer like crazy.

SHINee's THE ONLY band that I have liked from the beginning. Every other band, it took me a while. D< My favorite song right now is either.. Romantic or.. God, I don't even know. I love ALL of their songs. Except Electric Heart. I don't know what happened there, tbh. :P

My favorite member is Taemin bb, and it always has been. But Iunno, for the passed.. year? Key has been growing on me. Those two are definitely my favorite members. But again, I love all of them, and it's impossible for me to list them from favorite to least favorite.

My favorite pairings are Jongkey and Taeminho~
I used to be an Onkey shipper, but.. Jongkey is just so much more real. *O* I love themmmm. Ahha. I hate how my comments are all so long. I'm sorry. I could go on forever on these subjects. D:

What about dramas? Do you watch them? What's your favorite?
decodexxdecodexx on August 1st, 2010 11:21 pm (UTC)
Hahah it's okay! I was afraid of my comments being too long so I just cut to the point. (because I can srsly go on with you)

Same here, SHINee was one of the very few I liked immediately. No love for Electric Heart?! DDD:

JongKey is completely real, lol. I ship it all with them though, because that's how much I love them.xD

I just got into dramas. The first drama I watched was You're Beautiful, I think that is my favorite. That and Personal Taste. I've also watched Boys Over Flowers and Coffee Prince. :3

I also saw Suju's movie which was HILARIOUS. <3
I am kind of a chick flicky girl when it comes to K-dramas for some reason so I'm drawn to those. What about you? (:
Noelle: kevinnnnnn!wishiwuzkagome on August 1st, 2010 11:35 pm (UTC)
Girl, you just listed all my favorite dramas. ♥
Well. All but Personal Taste. I tried to get into that one and I just didn't. I'm currently in the process of downloading the episodes though, so I'm getting back into it. I love it.

I can't decide if You're Beautiful, Boys Over Flowers, or Coffee Prince is my favorite drama. I've watched each of those series over three times-- to the point I could recite it for you lol. xD -obsessed- I always watch dramas because a certain person happens to be a cast member, and they end up not even being my favorite character. I watched YB because of Hongki, but Jang Geunsuk ended up being my favorite person in the world. xD And I watched Boys Over Flowers for Hyunjoong. I still can't decide if I liked Junpyo or Jihoo better. But since I liked Minho so much, I watched Personal Taste lol

But my first drama wasn't even Korean. I used to be really into Taiwanese dramas; so my first was It Started With a Kiss. Then I watched the sequel to that-- but got really upset when they didn't finish (the author of the story died before the story was finished, so they just ended it out of respect). Then I watched the Taiwanese version of Hana Kimi. Those are all really good dramas too. I recommend them. But honestly, nothing beats Kdramas lol. I love them too much.

ATTACK ON THE PIN-UP BOYS IS SERIOUSLY THE BEST MOVIE EVER. Omg. I laugh every time I see it. dfgsdkfjgkjdhgf it never gets old. ♥♥♥
I've watched many other Kmovies too.. they're usually the sad ones. One I recommend, if you haven't seen it, is 'More Than Blue' or 'A Story Sadder Than Sadness'. Because it's seriously the saddest movie I've ever seen. Cried for hours. If you like that sad kinda thing. xD

(okay, taking a break. i'm gonna hit the text limit)
decodexxdecodexx on August 2nd, 2010 11:34 am (UTC)
You have good icons, lol.

Personal Taste threw me off because at first it was kind of boring but all the business drama is so relevant. but still boring xD

My favorite from YB was Yonghwa, and because of that show I love C.N. Blue now. Actually my real favorite was the manager, he was so classic. <3

Jang Geun Suk is a really good actor. That role really suited him, even if I hated him for a couple episodes, lol.

What is Started With A Kiss about? that's sad the author died. ):

'More Than Blue', I'll write that down on my list. I have so much to watch, but I'll manage. I'll be entertained, lol.

And also what is Hana Kimi about? I hear so much about it.

Lmao, when you get into these kind of discussions it's exciting, I'm trying not to ask too many random questions. xD
Noelle: minho sexyyywishiwuzkagome on August 2nd, 2010 01:08 pm (UTC)
Why thank you~ ♥ I like my icons too.

I know! I thought Personal Taste was kinda boring too. But meh. It's getting better. xD

And when I was watching YB, Shinwoo was my favorite character for a really long time.. but then he just got annoying. Like. Iunno. I wish he would've been more.. jsdjfhksjdh I can't think of the word. It felt like he was too self-pitying.

I LOVED BOTH OF THE MANAGERS THOUGH. Ahaha. They were so jackpot. ♥ And yes, Jang Geunsuk was like.. oh dear lord I love him. After YB, I watched ALL of his dramas and movies. Beethoven's Virus was good, but I don't recommend it if you can't take boringness. It gets boring sometimes. Baby and Me was really good, and Do Re Mi was too. He was in One Missed Call 3 too-- the end made me cry. He suits every role~

It Started With a Kiss, let me tell you, is a really great FIRST drama to watch. I keep going back and watching it again and again because it's so awesome. It's a romantic comedy sorta drama. Kinda cliche too-- but it's old, so it's one of the first like it. A girl, she's extremely dumb (like srsly), goes to school with this guy (he's the the smartest guy in the world, I swear) and she likes him. But they've never met. She tries to give him a love letter, but he doesn't even acknowledge that she's there. Later in the episode, there's an earthquake and her house falls apart. Her father takes them to live with a friend of his-- and that just happens to the smart guy's home. You can see why it'd be funny. xD

Hana Kimi (I absolutely hate Japanese dramas, so I can't tell you anything about the original other than that the cast was ugly, and there are considerably more annoying factors-- like that group of popular girls that messes everything up) is about a girl who travels to Taiwan with the intentions of meeting her idol, a track star who attends the same school as her. She has to dress/act like a boy because it's an all boys school. There's lots of gay people in that drama, so it's hilarious. xDD

But speaking of Japanese dramas, have you seen either of the Koizora's? I loved both of them. :) And there was a movie with Lee Junki called 'Virgin Snow' and that was technically Japanese. There's a movie called Gigolo Wannabe (so hilarious and heartwarming) also. The only Japanese dramas/movies I'd recommend lol.
decodexxdecodexx on August 2nd, 2010 03:41 pm (UTC)
I KNOW, Shinwoo was kind of pathetic, I think I just felt so bad for him because he kept getting rejected, lol.

I've been meaning to watch all of JGS's movies. I saw the parody version of Beethoven's Virus, lol. But i have to see One Missed Call 3!

I'm definitely interested in It Started With A Kiss, sounds hilarious. I can see myself getting annoyed with the girl, lol.

Haha, I looked up the Japanese cast of Hana Kimi just to see what they look like since you said that...there's room for improvements. xD

I haven't seen any of the Koizora's but I've heard of them and Gigilo Wannabe. Eventually, I am going to watch all of these, lol.
Noelle: KiKwang1wishiwuzkagome on August 2nd, 2010 07:51 pm (UTC)
Big Bang's parody of Beethoven's Virus was hilarious. And their parody of Coffee Prince was the reason I finally decided to watch that one. I mean.. I'd been meaning to, since Jaewook was in it-- and I LOVED him in Antique Bakery.. But BB's parody just did it for me lol.

I actually never got annoyed with the girl in ISWAK. I usually don't get annoyed with the female lead-- it's the co-lead female role or whatever that I usually hate. You know? Like.. that OTHER girl. In Coffee Prince, it was Yoojoo who pissed me off. In You're Beautiful, it was UEE's character. In ISWAK, there's this one chick that you're gonna HAAAAAAATE so much. I can tell you this now. But everyone else, you like. xD

Hana Kimi, I recommend because the guys are all cute and I just love gay people. xD (Btw, most guys in Taiwanese dramas are really cute) Do you know who Danson Tang is? Amber did a song with him? The first time I saw him was in the sequel series to ISWAK-- he played a gay guy. The second time I saw him was in Hana Kimi. He played a total fashionista womanizer whose uncle was gay. Pattern? But lol he's gorgeous.

Have you heard of Fahrenheit? Jiro Wang is in ISWAK, They Kiss Again (Basically ISWAK 2), AND Hana Kimi. And Wu Chun is in Hana Kimi. They're so cute. asjdghkdjfg go waaatch lol.

Hmm. What else is there to spazz about? :3
decodexxdecodexx on August 3rd, 2010 12:46 am (UTC)
Hahah you've seen it. I love their parodies they should do it more often.

You are the second person I met that knows all the people I like in this industry! lol
I loved him in Coffee Prince so when I heard about Antique Bakery I had to put that on my list, is that good?

I only got annoyed with Park Shin Hye in You're Beautiful, lol. She was kind of slow there. I hated Uee and loved her at the same time.

I can't wait to hate this girl now xD

Yes, I know Danson Tang! (that was a good song btw) He is really good looking.

And I've also heard of Farenheit! I don't know the members that well but I'll keep a look out for them. :3

You've got me excited to watch this, I am going to make time to at least get started on it tomorrow.

Hmmmmm, how much do you like Big Bang? since it came up in the beginning lol. They were the first K-Pop group I ever listened to.

Oh, and do you speak/write/read/know any Korean, Japanese or Taiwanese? I'm trying to get more acquainted with Korean but it's more difficult than I made it out to be. I think it's just because I'm a slow learner. x]

Now I'm the one who's rambling...this is what usually happens when I write at night.

Noellewishiwuzkagome on August 3rd, 2010 11:15 am (UTC)
Antique Bakery is amazing-- but Jaewook's boyfriend is really ugly. It's disappointing. :/ I really like the rest of the cast though. I recommend it (you're probably tired of me recommending things lol).

Oh really? Well.. Iunno. Now I'm probably going to get annoyed with her the next time I watch it. THANKS. xD

But mmmm Fahrenheit. :D Aaron, Jiro, Wu Chun, and Calvin. Aaron is totally the cutest thing in the world~ Jiro is just really funny (and also good looking of course), and Wu Chun is very attractive. I don't like Calvin as much, but he's very kind and compassionate. He's like Yunho. ^o^

BTW. You know that one song Fireflies? Donghae and Siwon were in the video? The link is here
just in case you don't know what I'm talking about lol. Ariel Lin is the girl in ISWAK. The male lead in ISWAK, Joe Cheng, is so sexy. dfghkjldfkdh I didn't like him when I first started the drama-- but omg he grows on you. unnfff.

BUT YES DEAR LORD I LOVE BIG BANG. I love all of them. With a passion. But just like everyone else, I didn't like them at first. The only one I even found attractive was Daesung lol. Then eventually I liked G-Dragon (he's my ALL-TIME favorite; I was so happy when he did the whole Heartbreaker thing), then TOP, then Taeyang, then Seungri. lol. It was a process. They're one of my favorite bands. :)) I like Gtop and Gri.

And yeah, I've been taking Chinese (that's what they speak in Taiwan lol) for three years, so I can speak conversationally at least. I know more Korean than any other language (besides English) though. I can read and write it fluently, and I can also carry conversation. :) I can help you if you like; I'm proud of my abilities lol. I want to go to Korea so bad.

Wbu? Can you speak any other languages? Or play any instruments? I have like.. no talent at all. ;______;
decodexxdecodexx on August 3rd, 2010 04:08 pm (UTC)
:D I'm not tired of your recommendations! haha.
I'm excited to watch these shows.
you're welcome :P

I listened to Fahrenheit, I really like Only Have Feelings For You. <3

AHH, THAT VIDEO. SIWON. lol I love that, thanks for showing that to me. Ariel Lin is pretty.

Hahaha, I immediately loved Big Bang, my love died a little but it's still there. GD was my first favorite but now it's more Daesung. Aaand I ship GTop and GRi too. (:

Oh, lmao. I feel bad now. I didn't know what language they spoke there. xD That's so cool though, I'm jealous! I know English the best, but then Spanish the next best. I picked up a few words from Korean, Japanese and Chinese from listening to the music and watching clips and stuff, I'm trying to focus on Korean at the moment. If I have questions I'll definitely ask you. (I want to go there badly too!)

I can't play any instruments good, but I have been trying to play my piano. It's easy! I have a guitar but I can't play it lol. Other than that I have no talent. Maybe video games but that doesn't count. .__.

Noellewishiwuzkagome on August 3rd, 2010 09:42 pm (UTC)
LOL. YES SIWON. But my bias is Donghae, soooo.. xD
And haha yeah she's pretty. She acts very well too. :)

I took Spanish as a kid, in elementary and middle school, but then I stopped in high school. :/ Hola?

We have so much in common! ♥ Our favorite members are Daesung and G-Dragon~ And I want to play piano, but I can't yet. I have a guitar too-- I only know how to hold it lol. And the basics of course.

AND UM. YEAH VIDEO GAMES COUNT. What kinda video games do you playyy? :3
decodexxdecodexx on August 3rd, 2010 10:29 pm (UTC)
Heheh, Donghae is my other bias.

Hola! como estas? :D that's pretty much my favorite thing to say. I have to think about it for like five minutes before I can actually get my words out, lol.

I know it's so weird but cool at the same time. Nice to meet someone with all the same interests, haha.

I like any kind of video game really. Actually not so much the sports ones, but yeah. I really like the whole Tony Hawk series, and the fighting games like Tekken and Mortal Kombat, I'll play anything that looks good. what about you? :D
Noellewishiwuzkagome on August 3rd, 2010 11:40 pm (UTC)
asi asi. :D

And you go bb for loving Donghae. :)

Hmm. I don't like the sports/racing/fighting games at all really. The only sports games I liked were SSX 1,2 and 3. And I dislike Tekken, tbh, but I like DOA and.. one? of the Mortal Kombat games. Not really my thing.
I like fps games, rpg's, and stuff like that. My favorite video games are probably Metal Gear, Fallout 3, Kingdom Hearts (all of them), and the Devil May Cry's. ^o^

So maybe that's one thing we don't match on.
Lately Fallout 3 has been taking up most of my time actually-- I recommend this too lol. BUT ALRIGHT. What's next?

Movies? Dramas? We never actually FOCUSED on that did we? Like, you told me your favorite ones, but have you watched any other ones? -curious-
decodexxdecodexx on August 4th, 2010 01:39 am (UTC)
RPG video games are my favorites! I loooove Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts and all that. I'm just pissed because I still haven't beaten it yet, lol. I've only played the first one though, I reaaaaally want to play the other ones.

I HAVE DEVIL MAY CRY TOO. (lol i really love that game) haven't beaten it either...got stuck. Dx
My brother has Fallout 3, I adore it and I wish I had it, haha.

Other than You're Beautiful, Personal Taste, Coffee Prince, I have not watched any other dramas. And the Suju movie is the only movie I've seen so far.

Ashamed to admit it but I just got into K-Pop early this year, like January maybe? And I didn't start getting into the dramas until like April. I've been going off recommendations since then, lol. But you gave me a bunch and so did my friend so now I have more things to watch. ^^

I'm so new to all this, I feel so lost sometimes. xD
Noelle: Junsu/Smilewishiwuzkagome on August 4th, 2010 01:14 pm (UTC)
Awh. I've beaten all of the Kingdom Hearts games, but none of the Final Fantasy games. Those things are so damn long. -____-
Where did you get stuck, guuurl? Which DMC is it? The first one?

And honestly, to only have just gotten into kdramas in April, that's really good. So don't feel lost. Just make more friends who're into all this stuff and you'll be a pro in no time lol. xD

So hmm. I already recommended those dramas to you, and I don't even know if you'll watch them. There are more though... mm have you watched Millionaire's First Love (DBSK did some soundtracks for that one)-- OH AND HAVE YOU WATCHED ALL OF DBSK'S DRAMAS? There are the banjun dramas, the vacation dramas.. Then Dating on Earth (holy shit I was soooo happy when that FINALLY came out).. and then have you watched the Super Junior mini dramas?

Oh my god, just remembering these things has put me in an amazing mood. I'm gonna go find the links for you. :3

- Vacation episodes are hereeeee
- Banjun dramas are hereeeee

- Mini drama ep1 (1/4)
- Mini drama ep1 (2/4)
- Mini drama ep1 (3/4)
- Mini drama ep1 (4/4)
- Mini drama ep2 (1/4)
- Mini drama ep2 (2/4)
- Mini drama ep2 (3/4)
- Mini drama ep2 (4/4)
- Mini drama ep3 (1/4)
- Mini drama ep3 (2/4)
- Mini drama ep3 (3/4)
- Mini drama ep3 (4/4)

Tbh, these are so old that it's hard to find them anywhere. I can't find Full House (the entire thing) and I can't find Adonis Camp.. so you'll have to look for them on you own. Sorry, dear.
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